5th - October - Optional RuneScape members service coming soon!
Due to much demand we are planning on launching an optional new premium RuneScape service soon. This will bring a whole load of great benefits such as: frequent updates, NO-adverts, good customer support, no scammers/cheaters (we'll kick 'em out), and much more! We're hoping to make it available for just $5 (us-dollars) a month and this tiny amount of money will pay for many great RuneScape updates to come, and will ensure we can keep running RuneScape for YOU.
This is great news, because it will enable us to offer you more frequent RuneScape updates. Some of the first updates we have planned include: A duelling system, more monsters (wolf, giant-bat, lizard-man etc..), lots of new items, sound effects, more quests, and there will be loads more stuff after this.

We hope that many people will be able to afford the very small amount we are asking, if you really really can't afford to pay then don't worry, because there will still be a FREE RuneScape service available. Obviously since this service will be offered for free, we won't be able to update it so often. In actual fact running the free service will cost us a lot of money but we want to thank all the people who have helped us beta-test the game so far, and so will try keep it going as long as possible.

Thanks for all your support.
Andrew Gower

23rd-September - Dragon quest online!
Think you've got what it takes to slay a dragon? If so try our new quest! This quest has been designed with the more experienced runescape players in mind so it's fairly tricky. To start the quest go and talk to the guildmaster in the champions guild. From there you will have to solve a series of puzzles before travelling to slay the dragon itself. Only heros who have proven themselves worthy by completing this quest can purchase and wear the best armour in the game. The new rune platemail body!

18th-August - Kill stealing bug fixed
It seems that in certain circumstances the game was still not giving giving the treasure to the correct player. I have now fixed this problem. Many thanks to the people who reported this.

18th-August - Lots of small improvements
I've fixed the kill stealing problem, the treasure now goes to whoever damaged the monster most overall rather than the person who got the last hit. XP is split proportionally between all people who helped kill the monster.
Teleport spells no longer work once you reach level-20 wilderness or beyond. This makes the deep part of the wilderness dangerous even for high level players.
People who are green on your friends list also appear as green dots on the mini-map, making it easier to find them in the game, and easier to go adventuring with a group of friends.
Your players overall combat level is now shown on the stats menu.
2 more items banks have been added to reduce the crowding problems. One is in east Varrock, and the other is in Draynor Village.
Fixed seven minor bugs.

15th-August - Website updated
I have just updated the worldmap. It now shows the mining guild and the very south edge of the wilderness. The whole wilderness isn't shown however, so you'll have to explore it for yourselves! I've also added 4 new message boards, to give a total of 8, because the old boards were getting extremely crowded. Enjoy!

13th-August - A few bugs fixed
I just fixed a couple of bugs with the new systems. I've fixed a problem with the wilderness, whereby low level archers were able to attack high level players in the wilderness without being attackable back! And I've fixed a problem with the new stats menu where the XP indicator didn't update properly.
Also bear in mind that we might tweak the wilderness a bit over the next few days if it proves to be unbalanced, although everything seem ok so far. We are also planning on adding a dualing system which will allow combat outside the wilderness if both players agree to it.

13th-August - Stats menu now shows XP
Due to a huge number of requests, the stats menu now shows you the exact number of experiance points you have in each skill, and the number you need to reach to advance a level. For the more detailed information about a particular stat just point your mouse over it, and the numbers will be shown at the bottom of the menu.

13th-August - Wilderness system online
The new wilderness area of runescape is online! This is a huge new area which is part of an improved player-combat system which was first proposed a few months ago. A poll on the website at the time showed the vast majority of players in favour of the new system, so we have now written it.
In the improved system player fighting is only allowed in the new wilderness area. The ability to switch between PK and Non-PK will be removed and instead you just go into the dangerous wilderness area if you want to fight other players, or stay within the current map area if you don't.
The further you go into the wilderness the more dangerous it becomes, but the more treasure you could find! How much of a risk you want to take is entirely up to you. Some preview screenshots of a couple of wilderness locations are shown to the right.

26th-July - Runescape updated
The bank has been upgraded so you can now store any item in the bank not just gold. Useful for keeping your spare weapons, gems, and anything else you might want to store. You can store up to 48 different items, with a maximum limit of 16 million items per stack.
Runite items have been added to the game! Runite is the most powerful metal in the game, better than even adamantite. Both rune weapons and rune armour are now available to purchase from the champions guild. (hint - there is an extra item only available as a rare monster drop from a particularly strong monster!)

The player owned houses have been removed. This is because since they were original planned runescape has become much more popular and there is nowhere near enough to go around. Instead the 2 updates above have been included to compensate. The item bank lets anyone store the items they want to, and the runite items are an alternative for people to spend the money they have been saving on.

17th-July - 5th RuneScape server online
I just finished setting up another server help run RuneScape. The new server isn't being used to run another parallel world, but is instead working behind the scenes to help manage the save-games.
This gives a total of 3 world servers, and 2 support servers. This should hopefully increase the total system capacity to 4000 players at once.

13th-July - Andrew's guide to not losing your password
An increasing number of people are trying to trick other players into giving away their password. Please use a bit of common sense to avoid getting tricked in this way. Some common tricks to avoid are below:

Do NOT enter your password into ANY website other than runescape.com! If you go somewhere else and see a chat room or survey or cheat site which claims it needs your password then that site is a trick and will steal your pass. Don't be a fool. Be very suspicious of anything or anyone that asks you for your password.
Rememeber that real Jagex staff will NEVER EVER ask you for your password! If anyone talks to you, or emails you claiming to be me, and asks for your password, then they are lieing and are trying to steal your account. Jagex staff will NEVER ask you for your password for any reason!
Be very careful downloading programs from other websites. I have seen programs which claim to give you money, or make you stronger, or cheat in some other way. However this is IMPOSSIBLE! These programs actually contain a VIRUS, which will record your keypresses and steal your password. Get a decent virus checker, and don't run anything not downloaded from an official website.
I'm not trying to scare you, all the points above are just common sense! If someone in real-life said "give me your credit card number and I'll credit you 1000!" would you? I sure hope not! Just because runescape is a game doesn't mean you should be any less careful.

12th-July - Improved prayer system and more!
New monastery area which you can enter if you are a high level cleric. Includes monks robes and a special new altar to pray at.
Silver rocks to mine (requires level 20 mining)
Holy symbol of Saradomin, made by crafting from silver. Take it to the new monastery area to get it blessed to make your prayers last longer
The black hole experience in the dwarven mines!
A few minor bug fixes

24th-June - Updated world map
The world map page now shows where all the quests start. It also shows the locations of altars where you can recharge your prayer points, and the new tannery shop.

23rd-June - New tailoring ability
Paul has extended the crafting skill so you can now also use it make items out of leather. Take a cow hide to the tannery to get some leather. You can then use the leather with some thread to make gloves, boots and leather armour.

23rd-June - More runescape bugs fixed
I have now fixed the following bugs with runescape:
improved password box to allow up to 20 characters
fixed it so you can still stack extra runes/arrows even when your inventory is full.
fixed a bug which could cause stack of 0 coins to be created
fixed a bug with arrows of different types not stacking on the ground properly
fixed it so that leaving the bank displays your balance properly
improved runescape auto-update code
logging out now works properly when you log out at the exact moment of attack
fixed it so people no longer randomly get added to your friends list
fixed it so lumbridge and karamja shops don't share the same stock!

20th-June - New password recovery system
I've changed the system for retrieving a lost password. The new system doesn't use email because not everyone has a secure email account they can use, and people's email address often changes.
Next time you login you will be asked for the answers to 5 security questions. Then if you should lose your password you can use these answers to set a new password on your account. You will only be allowed to set the questions once, after which they are permanently fixed. Therefore you should be careful to choose questions+answers which other people won't be able to guess, but which you will easily remember.

12th-June - Updated world map
I've updated the world-map. It now shows the location of the jewellery shop, gem shop, crafting shop, armour conversion shop, fishing shop, and the places where you can catch fish.

12th-June - Lots of minor fixes and tweaks
Just made a quick update to fix and tweak various small problems. This update fixes the following:
There are now even more customs officers on karamja
There is more fishing bait available in the shop and as monster drops
Burying bones now gives 50% more experiance
The pirates quest is now added to the quest list
Added button to deposit 1000 coins at a time in the bank
Fixed making cake takes flour pot away bug
Fixed catching tuna doesn't give XP bug
Fixed food shop doesn't work after completing pirate quest bug

11th-June - The island of Karamja is open
Paul has now finished the island of Karamja! Go and talk to Captain Tobias at Port Sarim if you want a boat trip to the new island. Karamja also features a brand new quest in which you must hunt for hidden treasure! To start the new quest go and talk to Redbeard Frank at Port Sarim.

11th-June - New fishing skill and more cooking
I've added a whole new skill for you to try in RuneScape! There are various fishing points scattered around the rivers and ocean. Go to the fishing-shop in Port Sarim to get the equipment you need and then try your hand at fishing. There are 10 different fish to catch, and 5 different fishing techniques to try!
As well as the fish, there are now even more things to cook and eat in RuneScape.

28th-May - Completed quests list
I have add a new button to the stats menu which shows you which of the 15 quests you have completed. I hope this proves useful to people who are trying to work out which ones they have missed, so they can complete them all!

27th-May - Sorry for recent server problems
Any regular runescape players will have noticed that the servers have been experiencing problems over the weekend. I have been working extremely hard to try and resolve this problem, and hopefully everything will be back to normal now. I believe it was caused by a memory leak in the new magic system which I added on friday. I have now fixed the memory leak so hopefully the server will now be stable. I apologise for any inconveniance caused. - Andrew

26th-May - Prayers last 50% longer
It seems most people thought they prayers weren't quite powerful enough. I've therefore now changed the game so that all the prayers last 50% longer, before you need to recharge.

25th-May - 4th Runescape server online
The 4th runescape server is now online! (this means we now have 3 game servers, and 1 web server). It has now been fully connected so you can use it with both the windows and online versions of the game
I have also modifed the game to prevent people from logging in multiple players at once from the same machine, because doing so is against the rules! If you have problems with the system seeing your home-network as a single machine, then try using the window client which is better at detecting your network configuration. Update: Even if you can't use the windows client then up to 3 people on the same home-network can still play at once, as long as each player uses a different server.

24th-May - New magic system online!
The RuneScape magic system has been massively improved with the additon of lots of new spells. Magic can also now be used during combat! In addition to this there is also a new prayer system which lets you temporarily cast various effects on your character. This means there is now a total of 42 spells and prayers to choose from.
For more information on the new systems click below:
Guide to magic
Guide to prayers

24th-May - Runescape updated
Due to popular request, female players can now go and talk to one of the characters in the game, and get their armour modified to look more feminine.
The ice dungeon has been expanded and improved. It also now includes a new ice-warrior monster.

The server status page now shows the top crafter, top magician, and top cleric.

24th-May - Pop up windows removed
I've removed the pop up windows because there were just too annoying. Hopefully the remaining adverts will make enough money that I don't have to put them back (E.g the revenue from banner-advert clicks doesn't fall any further)

24th-May - 4th RuneScape server ordered
Last night saw over 2000 simultaneous RuneScape players for the first time ever. Hurrah! To keep up with the increasing number of players I've just ordered yet another server to help keep the game running smoothly. I hope to have it within a few days.

21st-May - Updated FAQ
I've updated the frequently-asked-questions page to answer some more common queries. Click here to view it.
If you think there are further questions missing from the FAQ then let me know what you think I should add.

10th-May (10:00pm) - Lots of small improvements
I've been busy making lots of minor alterations and bugfixes to the game. The main changes are:

My-friends webpage now works properly, and also shows which server they are on
You can now private message friends even if they are playing on the other server
Windows client now lets you select which server to use
Reorganised the stats list to prepare for coming updates
Improved speed and reliability of the servers
Introduced new quest-point system to replace the old 'influence' system
Fixed 'using ranged combat advances other skills too' bug
Fixed 'impossible to mine gems' bug
Fixed 'pottery menu wrong way around' bug
Fixed 'server sometimes sends wrong wrong error message on login' bug
Fixed 'friends list gets blanked on lost connection' bug

9th-May (1:30am) - 3rd runescape server online
The new runescape server is online! I was planning on testing it a bit more and launching it tommorow, but so many people are trying to play tonight that the system couldn't cope so I've been forced to launch it early. Hopefully everyone who wants to play will be able to now.

8th-May - Runescape updated
I've just updated runescape to add the following features:

Better smithing tables, with more even spacing of items
New goblin quest - help the goblins find a new look for their armour!
New crafting skills - make jewellery and pottery
I have also just received the 3rd server I promised, I am now configuring it, and hope to have it online shortly.

5th-May - 3rd Runescape server on the way
Runescape is still growing massively in popularity. There are now so many players at peak times that I've just ordered a 3rd dedicated server to cope, and I hope to receive it within a few days time.
The new server will be used to run a 2nd copy of the runescape world to reduce the overcrowding. The 2nd world will be exactly the same as the current one, and so will effectively allow twice as many people to play Runescape at once.

When logging in you will be able to choose which server to play on, and will still be able to private message your friends even if they are playing on the other server. The existing saved games will work on either world.

3rd-May - Proposed new system - vote now!
It seems to me that the current player combat system isn't ideal. The fact that the vast majority of players have opted to be 'non-playerkiller' seems to confirm this. Therefore I'm considering changing to a new system which more people should enjoy.
With the new system different areas of the map would be allocated as combat or non-combat zones. In the current map area (including all the major cities and mining sites) no fighting would be allowed. To cater for players who want to fight each other I would instead add a huge new area around the edge of the map called 'The Wilderness', where player combat is always allowed.

The further out into the wilderness you go the more dangerous the game becomes, and the less restrictive the combat rules become, (so right at the very edge anyone can fight anyone!). But there will also be more treasure available to tempt people into venturing out despite the danger. If you don't want to fight you don't have to enter the wilderness area at all.

As well as the change above, I would also a new "duel" option to allow players to fight each other in the main non-combat zone. Duels would work a bit like trading, in that both players would have to agree before a duel could commence. Before the duel starts the players get to agree on the stakes (what the winner gets), and if things like magic and food can be used during the battle, and if retreating is allowed or not. This would allow you to try fighting other players in a much more controlled way, and should hopefully be a lot of fun for people who don't want to get involved in just randomly killing other players.

This would be a major change to the game. I know the newbie killers won't like it all, but I am trying to cater for the majority, not a few individuals. So please use the form below to let me know your opinion.

What do you think of the proposed new combat system?

13th-April - Server status page, my-friends, and password recovery pages
The 'current players' page was getting too long so it's been replaced with a new 'server status' page which tells you the number of people currently playing, and lists the top players who are logged in. So you can still tell which of your friends are playing I've also added a new 'my-friends' page which tells you if the people on your friends list are online or not.
I've also got the lost password recovery feature working again. It's now available by clicking 'lost password' on the menu to the left and entering your account details.

11th-April - Asgarnia map online
The updated world map is now online, and I've labelled all the key locations in Asgarnia, so you can now find your way around without getting lost!

10th-April - Server fixed + message boards online
I have now fixed the majority of the problems with the new server. All the major problems are now sorted, and I'm now working on a few less critical issues. I'm also going to update the world-map as soon as possible so you can find your way around Asgarnia.
More good news is that I have just put the message boards back-online. I have taken the chance to redesign and improve them, so I hope you like the new design!

7th-April - Server problems
We seem to be having a few server problems at the moment. This is due to the large amount of new code we added to the game yesterday. I'm working on fixing it though, so please be patient, and I'll get everything running smoothly as soon as possible.
The good news is that I think I have just resolved the server down-time issues, so hopefully the server won't go offline completely anymore. There is still an issue with certain players having problems when more than 1024 people play at once, this is only a problem at peak times and I expect to fix it on Sunday evening.

Also I expect to get the message boards, current-players, and password-emailing features working again on Monday. These have just been temporarily disabled whilst I get the new server code working properly.

6th-April - Massive update!
Asgarnia is online! and includes:
Ice mountain
monastery with healing monks
dwarven mine
goblin village
evil red monks
black knight castle
City of Falador
White knights castle
chainmail shop
mace shop
port Sarim
food shop
battle axe shop
ice giants dungeon
We also have 4 new quests!

dorics quest - fetch Doric some materials for making amulets
spy quest - go on a spying mission for the white knights
witches potion quest - fetch the ingredients for an evil witches brew
sword quest - help a squire recover his knights lost sword
In addition to this there is a new friends system, and new privacy features! Have fun!

17th-Mar - This weeks update
I've just uploaded this weeks update. I didn't get as many features added as I hoped, because I instead had to spend time modifing the system to stop a few players intent on spoiling the game for everyone else. Players who try to break the rules are just slowing down the improvements to the game, so please don't do it! Luckily Paul has also made lots of improvements this week, so between us we've still done quite a lot of new stuff.
This weeks updates are:

Added a button to email forgotten/stolen passwords back to their owner
Made changing your password eaiser (there is a new option in the options menu)
Added timeout to conversations - to prevent people blocking shops
Added code to detect which players are attempting to break the rules
Fixed a problem with the popup game window on netscape-6
Added a cook's guild which you can only enter if your cooking skill is 32 or better.
More stuff to cook - You can now make a variety of different pies, and also wine!
The sewer has been extended further.
You can now smith plated skirts

10th-Mar - Second server online
I've been busy this last week setting up a new server, and modifying RuneScape to use it. I'm pleased to announce that RuneScape is now running using two dedicated servers. This should allow more simultaneous players, and make the game more reliable at peak times.

2nd-Mar - Problems fixed
I've fixed a few minor problems with the new quest. In case you don't already know getting the skin paste now works, and I've just solved the clay shortage problem.

I'd also like to apologise for the slow speed of this site on the 28th-Feb. This problem has now been resolved and we're back to full speed again. I've also ordered a 2nd dedicated server to increase the reliability and speed of RuneScape in the future.

28th-Feb - Yet another new quest, and new options menu
Prince Ali of Al Kharid is being held captive by the Lady Keli. If you think you're up to a daring rescue mission then go to Al Kharid and talk to Chancellor Hassan. This is a long quest with many parts! Many thanks to Rab for the many hours he spent creating it, and to Paul for configuring it for use in the game.

I've been working on a new options menu, to allow you to configure the game to your liking. So far there are only 2 options. The 1st option allows you to choose the behaviour of the camera, the new camera mode is the first step in a new system I am developing, which will ultimately make RuneScape run MUCH faster for people with slow computers. The 2nd option is to switch your character between PK and non-PK. (you can only switch twice, so choose carefully). I will be adding more options to the menu as required.

I've also been working on a system to support clans/friend-lists. This isn't ready yet, but work is progressing well and I expect it to be available soon.

16th-Feb - New quest, and more fixes
Little imps have invaded RuneScape and have been stealing anything which isn't nailed down! It's mostly nothing important, but they have also stolen 4 magic beads from Wizard Mizgog, and he wants them back. Go and talk to him in the wizards tower to get started on this quest.

The trading feature has been improved further. You can no longer accept an offer at the same time as the other player is changing it. This will hopefully stop the cheating and make trading with other players safer.

A few other minor fixes have been made, for instance you can no longer walk through one of the walls in the ghost town.

13th-Feb - More RuneScape updates
Firstly I have fixed the error which enabled you to make double doors vanish by lighting a fire next to them. So hopefully no more trapped people.

I've also modified the trading window, so that you can point at an object someone is offering you to find out the objects name and description. This will help make trading fairer and safer.

Some new locations have been added to the map, there is a new shop in Al-kharid where you can buy plate-mail skirts.

The 'champions guild' has been added south-west of Varrock. Only Adventurers who have proven themselves worthy by gaining influence from quests are allowed in.

7th-Feb - RuneScape now works on NetScape 6
I finally worked out why netscape-6 wouldn't run RuneScape, and have now fixed the problem! The game will probably also now work properly on a few other browsers.

5th-Feb - New section of sewer opened
A new area at the end of the sewer is now open. Watch out because it contains deadly red spiders! Fight them to get the rare red spider eggs, which when taken with other ingrediants to the Apothecary in varrock can be used to make a 4-dose strength potion!

30th-Jan - Further combat improvements
Following saturdays update the combat system has been tweaked further. The retreating was still too difficult (particularly when being attacked by multiple players/monsters at once) so this has been improved and made easier.

The "keep 3 best items" rule has also been modified. If you attack another player then you now lose the item-protection for 20 minutes of game time! This makes the player killing aspect of the game more dangerous and exciting, but it also increases your potential reward, as if you kill someone else without item-protection you can now get the best loot! People without item-protection have a small skull drawn above them.

After many requests the guards in Varrock city now attempt to stop people fighting. There are large number of guards at the bank, so assuming they haven't all been killed you can now withdraw your money more safely.

28th-Jan - New Quest: Vampire Slayer
The vampire sleeping in the coffin under Draynor Manor has been terrorising the inhabitants of the small village to the south and must be stopped! If you think you are up to the task of slaying a vampire, go and talk to the people in the village to find out how you can destroy this evil monster!

27th-Jan - Lots of improvements to the game
Ranged combat - You now gain experience for each successful hit, so it's easier to advance a level. Arrows also now fire 25% faster, and I've fixed the cheat/bug which some people were using to shoot super rapidly.

Magic - 4 new spells have been added which are: Fear, Wind-bolt, Rock-skin, and Elemental-bolt. The bolt spells have also been made much more powerful, and they are no longer dependant on your ranged-combat skill. This means each type of bolt now does a fixed maximum-damage, and to shoot more powerful bolts you need to use high level spells. Finally the staffs have been improved such that if you are wielding a fire-staff, water-staff, air-staff or earth-staff it acts as unlimited runes of that type!

Player killing - Due to a large number of requests I've changed the way this works. Firstly you can no longer log-out during combat! Closing the webpage or disconnecting your modem will NOT work either! However to compensate I've made it so if you retreat in the game, the person attacking you is stunned for 2 seconds to give you a better chance of getting away. Also when you die you now get to keep your 3 most valuable items! You will still probably lose any ore, food, money, spare weapons, etc... but at least you will no longer lose an item you'd just spent days saving up for! This means if you keep your spare money in the bank you should now be relatively safe.

25th-Jan - 'Super strength Beer cheat' fixed. Today it came to my attention that by drinking huges amount of beer players were able to make themselves super strong, and then go killing everyone! This has now been fixed so Beer can only increase your strength slightly. Many thanks to the person who told me about this one. If you know of any more cheats/tricks let me know so I can fix them and make RuneScape a fair place for everyone.

October of 2000

Coming soon from Jagex Software! Runescape, our massive multiplayer adventure. Trade and communicate with other players. Learn skills to earn money, or if you're brave attempt to find riches in the dungeons. Your charactor will continue to evolve and improve the more you play, with quests to complete for extra rewards. Choose good or evil the choice is entirely yours!